Seven Stories visit and Yoga Babies workshop.


Yoga Babies by Fearne Cotton and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey is a fun, yoga filled read that my little ladies really enjoy. You can read a full review of the book here.

 I was delighted when I saw that Seven Stories were hosting workshops where you were able to complete a yoga session, lead by a trained instructor, and meet the illustrator Sheena Dempsey. How fab!

Seven Stories- The National Centre for Children’s Books, is a museum dedicated to children’s literature based in Newcastle upon Tyne (where we live) and it is brilliant. Before I share everything about the Yoga Baby session let me just tell you a little about Seven Stories.

Making a yummy meal in the kitchen role play.


Prior to attending the Yoga Babies sessions we enjoyed exploring and my girls absolutely loved their latest exhibition Time to Get Up which is targeted at preschoolers. It is all about everyday routines and activities that we all get up to. From getting ready in the morning to helping in the kitchen. It is a fantastic interactive exhibition that was perfect for my 1 and 3 year old. The exhibition is also so helpful in recommending great picture books to share with your little ones and you may spot familiar characters within the exhibition too! Books included are diverse and engaging and the exhibition to me was representative of what museums for children should be about.

Discovering what their super power will be.


In addition to the Time To Get Up exhibition we also popped into Comics: Explore and Create Comic Art. This exhibition was aimed at older children but we were still keen to have a look around. This was a brilliant exhibition really supporting young writers in creating a fantastic comic of their own. I am sure many school aged children and up will enjoy this and if you are a teacher and due to do a topic around comics this would be a great exhibiton to go and explore with your class.


Aliens Love Underpants room (as my eldest called it) set up alongside a very calm, sensory area brilliant for little ones.

Post lunch we were all ready for our Yoga Babies session which was planned well and began with introductions and a lovely read of Yoga Babies. Sheena Dempsey led the reading.


We then went on to complete a yoga session which included poses seen in the book Yoga Babies and we sang too. The session was lovely and it wasn’t too busy or distracting for young ones.


Soon after exercising we were able to meet Sheena Dempsey who signed copies of books given out and this included an adorable illustration too! My girls were so happy and my eldest was so comfortable in talking and asking questions to all the adults. She loves how her book is signed by the illustrator and there is a signed book plate from Fearne Cotton too.


Everyone at the session at Seven Stories were so welcoming and friendly and I am so pleased that more dates were made available. I have always enjoyed connecting stories with activities and themes, both as a mamma and as a primary school teacher.

Sessions like this bring the book to life, give my girls an opportunity to meet different people and is a lot of fun. We always enjoy our visits to Seven Stories so I’m sure we will be back again soon and I am excited to see what other workshops and visits are planned.


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  1. Sound like such a lovely session and to meet the illustrator must have been special. I’ll need to take the bairn to Seven Stories now he’s a little older. X

    1. Ooh he might just love their Time To Get Up exhibition and the sensory area I mentioned would be great for Matilda. Whenever I’ve gone it’s been during the week and it hasn’t been too busy on those days. Could be coincidence of course but it has helped in that my girls haven’t been rushed and makes it easier for me as I’ve gone without hubby each time. x

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