Book review: ABC Mindful Me by Christiane Engel.

Children are continually observing and taking in everything around them. I aim to raise a strong girl who is empathetic but I don’t want her to lose sight of how she engages with her own feelings. I want her to be able to continue to express her emotions and have ideas of what she can do to make her feel more positive and happy.

As well as modelling and explaining such big skills it is always handy (you know my bookish ways) to have a book that you can use and refer to. ABC Mindful Me is truly a fantastic book and I really think this should be on every childs bookshelf.


If you are familiar with my sharing on social media and previous blog posts you will know that I have shared many ABC books, we all have varying tastes after all.  However, this is not how you imagine a typical ABC book to me. It has explanations and depth to it and we absolutely love it. It’s a book catered perfectly for children and would be a brilliant one to share in a learning setting and in the classroom. Christiane Engel has done a great job at writing and illustrating this book.


The book explores all the letters of the alphabet and also introduces young readers to different mindfulness principles. The principles are a mixture of physical and mental wellness looking at things like kindness and love as well as breathing, joy, meditation. I adore how the book not only gives explanations of each aspect of mindfulness, in an upbeat rhythmic way, but it also gives ideas of how you can feel more refreshed. This is such an important skill to teach. A child explaining a problem or an issue is great but how could things change , how can it be resolved?


Towards the end of the book there are also further explanations shared on mindfulness and activities that could be completed. For example, the making of emotion rocks is explored as well as a thankfulness tree. What great activities!

I highly recommend this book. It is a book that has clearly been thought about so carefully. The colourful  illustrations are inviting and appealing and the art work reflects each principle of each page so beautifully and always with the young reader in mind.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I received this book from the publishers. All words, opinions and photos are my own.

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