Book review: Just Like Mummy by Lucy Freegard

Just Like Mummy is an inviting picture book written and illustrated by the talented Lucy Freegard. My girls and I were first introduced to Lucy Freegard’s work after reading Just Like Daddy which was published in 2017 and we were super excited to find out about her latest book which is to be pubished on the 1st February 2018.

Just Like Mummy

 With its adorably illustrated front cover and shimmery copper coloured lettering, Little One, my 3 year old, was absolutely delighted to receive Just Like Mummy.


We are first introduced to a group of loveable animals who have decided exactly what they want to do when they are grown ups. However, their friend, young leopard, aspires to be like someone who is dear and close to them, their mummy. The interesting thing about our young leopard in this story is that it could be a boy or girl. There are no references to its gender in the book and the fun the mother has with them could apply to boys and girls. A lovely way of making the story relatable to either genders of young readers.

The young leopard and its mother do so much together. From visiting museums to playing instruments together. These leopards are very busy but at the core of all this fun lies an important message. Spending time with your children, playing and learning together.  img_8617-1

You see the young leopard is appreciative of all the talents and skills their dear mother has and that is why it wants to be just like her.

Just Like Mummy is not only a rather sweet book but it is all relatable and truthful of the everyday. As Lucy Freegard writes there will be rather splendid days and there will also be “frustrating” days. These words just speak volumes and with recent campaigns on importance of showing emotions and anxiety, it is so important that children are aware of each day presenting different challenges. The exploration of emotions completed in such a child friendly way is a credit to Lucy Freegard’s talents.


Emotions can sometimes be a tricky topic to discuss with children but I think these expressive illustrations do so well in giving an opportunity to further explore what the leopards could be thinking and feeling. Sometimes strong emotions can lead to you wanting to talk and sometimes a hug is all you need. I adore the illustration below!


Little One and I think this book is rather lovely. The mummy in this book has many talents that are celebrated in this read. The illustrations are colourful and engaging and the pages are balanced well with ones that use clean white backgrounds. Each page isn’t text heavy making it a great share for preschool children like Little One and also for children who are able to read independently.

Little One & I enjoying Just Like Mummy.

Thank you so much to Lucy Freegard and publishers Pavilion for sending us Just Like Mummy.

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