Book review: I’ll Love You For Ever by Owen Hart and illustrated by Sean Julian.


I’ll Love You Forever written by Owen Hart and illustrated by Sean Julian is a beautiful picture book that will be sure to charm the hearts of everyone.

The front cover is a wintery delight, featuring a polar bear and cub so delicately illustrated. My three year old daughter was instantly drawn to this book and was quick to point out the cub upon its parents back.

Polar Bear comforts Cub on the opening page and utters gorgeous words that can only but make the reader smile.

I’ll love you for ever.

I’ll always be here,

To share in the laughter

of each passing year.

The book is a celebration of a parents eternal love that is cleverly explained with the use of the varying seasons.


 Owen Hart’s words are captivating and set upon the most eye catching illustrations. The rhythmic, poetic language is a read aloud beauty, combining fun and familiar words that are so accessible to preschool and older children.


Polar Bear and Cub share many positive, playful moments together.


The varied illustrations highlighting the different seasons make such a good talking point for young ones and also reiterates the message of long lasting love, no matter the weather or season.


Owen Hart and Sean Julian have teamed together to create a picture book that will be treasured in our home. The words are so special and the meaning of eternal love is clear. The nameless polar bears makes the read applicable to all and doesn’t make it hard for a young one to imagine that the cub could in fact be him or her.

Each time Little One and I have read this we’ve instantly felt so moved. Little One recognises how beautiful the words are and appreciates the fantastic illustrations, that are undeniably outstanding.

The soothing words make the book a perfect choice to read before bedtime and also to get all snuggly with in your favourite reading spot. This book is a gem.

Disclaimer: This book was received from the publishers and Toppsta however, as always, all words and opinion are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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