Book review: Where’s the baby? A spotting book by Katie Haworth and illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. 

Britta Teckentrup is becoming well known in our home. Little One has become increasingly interested in the name of authors and illustrators, which I adore, and after reading Never Take a Bear To School by Mark Sperring which Britta Teckentrup illustrated, she is familiar with Britta Tecekntrup’s work.

Where’s the baby? A spotting book is part of a series by Britta Teckentrup and written by Katie Haworth.


The elephant patterned, happy yellow front cover, makes for a good first impression. It is a front cover that is inviting and with the use of yellow and elephants I couldn’t help but think of gender neutral nursery rooms. This of course is a compliment as the front cover is a clear delight for all.


Each double page is filled with a patterned animal print and text related to that animal. Your challenge is to find the baby animal amongst the beautiful work of Britta Teckentrup. Easy it may seem but I kid you not on some pages you really do have to look super carefully.

Unlike some other spotting books this has been a read that Little One happily chooses to read again and again. As brilliant as some spotting books can be the problem lies in once the objects have been spot its purpose has been met. However, this book has a mixture of some more challenging pages to spot the baby animal. Frustrating as this may be for some young ones but a good lesson in having to look particularly carefully and also where’s the fun in making it easy? The awesome text that accompanies each print also plays a huge part in why Little One enjoys this book.

The text is brilliantly written and suited to its young readers. It’s upbeat rhyming stanzas make it a lovely read aloud, brilliant not just for my toddler but also for my youngest daughter who is approaching 1.

Katie Haworth has also included lots of information within her writing which gives the book a factual, nonfiction element. It is also what I love about this book as not only is it a challenge book but children are learning information too.

The plethora of animals chosen for the book include zebras, snails and sloths. A fantastic mix of animals which keeps it interesting for young ones.

We think this book is rather good. For younger toddlers the spotting of the animals can be done together and for 3 year olds, like my eldest daughter, it makes for a great independent read.

This is a fun, colourful book. We are going to keep our eyes out for the others in the series.

Available to buy from Amazon-click on images below: (We also found wonderful puzzles to go with the book.)



Disclaimer: I received the book from the publishers but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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