Rainbow rice sensory play.

Sensory play is an activity that stimulates a child’s senses. It is an activity that encourages many things including creativity and investigation and it is also a great way for children to be able to explore the fantastic word they live in.

Rainbow rice is one example of a sensory play activity. Other examples are play dough, paint, sand, bubbles, dry pasta, shredded paper, cheerios(!), shaving foam and lights.

 A number of weeks ago on my Instagram account, mamma_filz I shared a brief post about rainbow rice. It was the first time I had attempted to make it and I was pretty excited. It’s amazing how a little colour can make such a difference.

My first batch of rainbow rice.

However, since then I have found an alternative way of making the rainbow rice and it just takes two ingredients…1 cup of white rice and a good squirt of ready mixed paint! It really does work wonders however, if you don’t have paint at home you could use food colouring and vinegar or hand sanitiser and food colouring.

Little One (my toddler) really enjoys this activity. We’ve made rainbow rice trays of different themes, here are some examples.

Space theme.
Letter hunt.


Tea party.

The rainbow rice also makes a fantastic material to touch and this is something that Baby (4 months old) has been enjoying. Here she is being held and feeling the rice with her little feet. Little One also poured the rice over her feet making sure her little sister was having fun too!


It is definitely a sensory material that my girls love and perhaps something that you might like to try too.

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