Life with two children, a toddler and a newborn.

Last year in October I was blessed with a little girl. Before having her I recall thinking that life was, naturally, going to change again but even more so as my older daughter was two years old. My toddler was becoming more independent but she had spent lots of time with me and I knew that only time would tell how she would be having a sibling.

Baby arrived on her due date and we were all buzzing with excitement. My once, only daughter, had now become a big sister and now hubby and I, parents of two children! Alhumdillah (all thanks is due to God)

Being a mamma of two is amazing but I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s tough to start with, at least I thought so. It has only been three months but in some respects it feels like it has been longer, perhaps because I can reflect on the progress I’ve made. Of course baby growing has also helped, more into a routine and that lovely squidgy stage.

There are a few things that I have learnt in these past three months and wanted to share. Some things may be a reminder of things you had to consider when having your first child but it’s amazing how much you forget once they become more independent.

-Get your partner familiar with your first borns routine. (If not already)

Do they know the bedtime routine? Is there a particular way he/she likes her breakfast? I found hubby helping with bedtime a huge help as it was often when baby would want a feed/nappy change and there is only so much you can do one handed.

-Consider where baby will sleep during the day and where baby will be when you shower. 

My toddler is two and she doesn’t currently attend any playgroups without me therefore, she’s with me all the time. My toddler loved watching and giving her baby sister affection when she was newly born. It was really cute to begin with but there was only so many face strokes and finger prodding baby could take before her sleep would get interrupted. Also, young children really don’t know their own strength sometimes so you need to consider where baby will be for nap times and your shower times. Perhaps using (or purchasing another) baby monitor.

-Ask for help.

Don’t be shy if you need help from family or friends…it’s ok.

-Consider purchasing a baby carrier/sling.

How useful are these things! It truly is a fab purchase, not only does it free your hands up for dinner, housework etc, it also means both children can still get lots of cuddles and if your newborn does need a good sleep, slings are brilliant for avoiding little prodding fingers.

-How will your children travel?

Consider how both children will travel. Do you need another car seat? Do you need a different pushchair? Could a buggy board come in useful? Using places like Ebay and Gumtree are fab. So many households have things like this sitting around after their children have outgrown them so you could end up with a brilliant buy in decent condition.

-Meal plan and use online shopping.

Consider what you are and your partner are going to make for meal times during the week. Freezing extra batches of food really helps and making bigger meals that last more than one sitting. Also, during the times when it’s just mamma and the kiddies think about what you can grab quickly to eat so that you are eating properly! Pre prepared sandwiches, quiches, pre cut vegtables with hummus are some ideas.

-Get your bag packed and clothes ready the night before.

If you are planning on going somewhere with your little ones, get your things ready the night before so it isn’t so much of a rush, especially if you need to do the school run or need to attend an appointment.

-Leave the housework.

Ok so I’ve come to realise that I’m quite tidy and find it annoying when things are not this way in my home  but *I gulp* it is alright if this is not the case. Your hands are full and if it means leaving some housework for later so be it.

-Prepare your older child for the arrival of their new sibling.

I understand that there are some cases where this isn’t possible but for our family, it really helped. I will be further exploring this in my next blog.

Being a parent is such a different experience and then having two children makes it even more interesting (multiple birth mammas well done!) but ultimately I think we all know it is such a blessing.

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