Eco themed picture books.

Welcome to my latest blog piece where I am sharing books to mark Earth Day, 22nd April. Let’s start with a wonderful read for preschoolers and up.

Saving Our Planet by Mandy Archer and illustrated by Lousie Forshaw.

Find out about saving our planet board book review on

A great read for preschoolers and up with lots of practical ideas to try.

This sweetly illustrated board book is a great one for sharing with the youngest of readers on how to care for our world.

Information is well organised with a double page focussing on one theme and the information is shared through a child. Things like helping keep the air clean, helping look after our oceans, how to recycle and what we can do to not waste water are all explored.

Find out about saving our planet on

Author Mandy Archer has provided information that is accessible for little ones and the lift the flaps add more intrigue for young hands to explore.

What a great book this would be in learning settings and of course for home too. Readers will meet many children including Yusuf, Dylan, Emily and Nur. Brilliant.

The Blue Giant written and illustrated by Katie Cottle.

The blue giant book review on

“Each good deed, and act of kindness inspires the next.”

The Blue Giant is Katie Cottle’s second eco story and it is brimming with stunning, powerful imagery. Swipe across to see.

Whilst out visiting the beach, Meera and her mum are faced with a blue giant, an enormous wave that shares an important message from the ocean “We really need your help.”

Mother and daughter then head out in their little boat and discover that the ocean is indeed filled with things that shouldn’t be there including lots of plastic. They work tirelessly to clean up what they can but the task is immense. They visit the beach again the next day and then the next with some helpers and they too bring friends to help and it continues.

The wonderful thing about this book is that it is so accessible to even the youngest of readers. The artwork is utterly captivating and the blue tones used throughout the book are wonderful.

The blue giant book review on

Their are suggestions on how readers can help the environment included in the book and it’s lovely to see the main character from Katie’s first eco book, The Green Giant feature in one of the examples.

This would be a lovely book to incorporate into teaching for early years and up. I’m sure the book would also inspire some fantastic blue toned art work also.

Bee illustrated by Britta Teckentrup and written by Patrica Hegarty.


Such a bee-utiful book. This book was first published in 2016 and is now available as a board book.

This book just makes me so happy and is utterly gorgeous with its joyous illustrations.

Book review of Texkentrup’s bee on

Readers follow a bee as it buzzes and dances from flower to flower on an important journey. The rhythmic text that readers are presented with flows brilliantly sharing sprinkles of factual information, such as the sun providing navigation for bees.

Now as a board book format even the youngest of readers can appreciate the rather pretty spreads and understand the importance of bees. The hexagonal die cut on the front cover of the book continues cleverly spread to spread and makes the whole book an even more spectacular feast for the eyes. Wonderful!.

The Usborne Book of Planet Earth by Megan Cullis and Matthew Oldham and illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman.


Travel to spectacular places as you’re presented with spreads of fascinating destinations.

Some may say that knowing more about how special something is can make us want to look after it more and this book shares a great deal of amazing facts from all around the world.

Usborne book of planet earth on

From exploring a jungle, taking a ride on a gondola making friends with penguins in Antarctica and more, readers will be happily engaging with this read.

The information presented is in bitesize chunks so easy to dip in and out of and is amongst detailed illustrations. The maps included in the book provide structure to how the information is organised provide children a deeper understanding. Towards the end of the book tips on how to look after our planet are shared. There’s also a handy index page for any keen researchers looking for particular information.

This would be a great pick for many a bookshelf.

Elephant in my kitchen by Smriti Halls and illustrated by Ella Okstad.

Elephant in my kitchen book review on

This book brilliantly discusses this important topic of protecting the planet, However, the text is in keeping with its audience of young readers. It’s a rhyming read and a rather funny book making it a perfect read aloud.

Elephant in my kitchen book review on

Many animals decide to pay Rafi a visit, an adorable dungaree wearing, south East Asian boy. His house gradually becomes filled with various animals. There’s an elephant munching on cookies in the kitchen, a whale taking a bubble bath, a gorilla playing with Rafi’s toys and more. Why are they all in Rafi’s home? Well that would be because all their habitats are being affected by human activity.

Rafi is saddened by what he hears and he makes a grand plan. Could he inspire others to follow?

Each spread is bursting with detail and so colourful where the colours used in the book are all made from vegetable based ink.

The book is an engaging read and it also offers great tips on how readers could help the planet too. If we don’t then young Rafi may have house guests for a rather long time.

The Keeper of Wild Words by Brooke Smith and illustrated by Madeline Kloepper.


This book immerses you into a wonderful celebration of nature.

With so many words being replaced in the dictionary with more technology related ones, the author was keen to share how we can keep nature words alive by sharing them with each other. The background of the book is reminiscent of how the book Lost Words came to be.

The keeper of wild words book review on

The grandma in the book acknowledges that if particular words are not used, they are forgotten about so she takes her granddaughter on a nature walk. Grandma spots pockets of nature happiness along their walk and gives readers an opportunity to learn and spot them too.

Brooke, the granddaughter discovers more about her name and their walk proves to be a brilliant help to Brooke for her school project.

A lovely book which cleverly incorporates lots of learning and perhaps will expand upon some readers knowledge of nature words. The sweet illustrations are gentle and engaging with gorgeous outdoor spreads. The book also has a lovely surprise underneath it’s book sleeve.

Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker and Zoe Persico

This inspiring read will be a great addition to many a library. Based on the subject of climate change, it is an accessible read for readers as young as 4 years old.

Greta lives in a forest where animals discuss their worries. They explain to Greta that their forest home is broken due to the giants actions and animals don’t know where to go.

Greta and the giants book review on

The book continues to explain what the giants are doing and in their rush to build as many homes as they can animals and wildlife are being hugely neglected.

Even in this fictional book, readers will be inspired by the character Greta who takes actions and does what she can to make the giants see what the consequences of their actions are. She inspires others in the story to take action too and eventually the giants do acknowledge the mistakes they have made and are willing to change.

The detailed illustrations and dark forest scenes with the giants in the background evoke such a concerning mood which is then a contrast to the final pages in the book.

The book has been thoughtfully created including the book being printed on 100% recycled paper within the U.K.

My Friend Earth by Patricia Maclachlan and illustrated by Francesca Sanna.

My friend Earth book review on

Readers are taken on a journey of all the wonderful things that Earth does which is represented by a young girl. She also explores the various seasons, which are illustrated brilliantly accompanied by descriptive text. The pages are creatively put together with peep through parts and layers of scenes over lapping each other. Earth is so busy but there comes a time when it needs to rest also, showing a sleepy Earth on the final page.

My friend Earth on

The flowing text makes this a lovely read aloud not only sharing, realistically, what Earth does for us but also highlighting that we can help Earth too. A little helping hands goes a long way and I’m sure our friend Earth would be grateful.

Peppa love our planet by

imagePeppa is a popular animated series aimed at preschoolers and she has her own book series too. Peppa Loves Our Planet is a great informative read for preschoolers and up and the book is a perfect pick for Earth Day. Peppa Loves our planet book review on

Whilst at school Peppa’s teacher is exploring the topic of looking our after our planet. She asks her class how they can achieve this and Peppa and her friends give some great answers. Their class challenge is to produce a scrap book on the things they actively do at home to look after the planet and they all go a great job.

The story includes lots of practical information on how young readers can help look after our beautiful plant. Whilst at home Peppa’s discussions with her family provide an opportunity for readers to see lovely interactions and pick up more tips including Peppa suggesting her mummy keep vegetable peel for her granddad’s compost bin.

A lovely book covering an important topic but made accessible for young readers.

Usborne Lift the flap Questions and answers about plastic by Katie Daynes and illustrated by Marie Eve Tremblay


This brilliantly compiled book is ideal for readers as young as 4 years old. The book answers an array of questions all relating to plastic. How is plastic made? What did we do before plastic? Can plastic be recycled? The book further explores who invented plastic and the on going issue of how we can reduce our use of plastic.

The detailed illustrated pages and the addition of flaps to lift, over 60 of them, makes this a super engaging read. The board book format makes this a great sturdy read which would be great whilst out and about. Fantastic.

Clem and Crab by Fiona Lumbers

Book review Clem and crab on

Clem is a wonderful main character in Clem and Crab and I’m pleased that my girls have got to meet her. There is so much we can learn from Clem and the work of Fiona Lumbers.

Clem and crab book review on

Unfortunately Clem’s findings on the beach including plastics aren’t a rare occurance in reality and it’s wonderful that a brilliant book is interwoven with such important environmental issues. Combined with adorably illustrated art work that is full of detail, this is such an engaging, enjoyable read.

Clem not only makes an impact on a crab and her school friends but she may well inspire readers to look after our beaches better and banish the plastic. In the words of Clem “..we can all make a difference.

Life on Earth Planet Earth by Heather Alexander and illustrated by Andres Lozano.

book review on life on earth planet earth

This is a fantastic board book that is sure to delight even the most reluctant readers, presenting facts in an engaging way using lift the flaps. There are 70 flaps to lift!

Each double page is dedicated to a topic connected to planet Earth. The book begins with an exploration of the solar system, a look at the seven continents and then moves on to topics such as landforms, natural disasters and more.

life on earth planet earth book reviewon

It is so lovely to see non-fiction reads such as these. Readers are learning so much but the book is presented in a really fun way. The book is a great pick for Earth day and beyond and would be a great addition to many a library. There are also so many other books in this series including Life on Earth Ocean.

The Last Tree by Emily Haworth-Booth

The last tree by Emily Haworth Booth

Emily Haworth-Booth has created a very thought provoking read which is illustrated wonderfully using limited colours that works so effectively.

The last tree book review on

The book explores the relationship between the natural world and how our taking advantage of it can change many connections including with other people.

Adults in the story are on search for a suitable place to live and they find a particular forest the best place to be. Seasons past and everyone in their new community is happy in their environment but soon things begin to change. Trees are needed for various reasons. It starts with a few branches for fire wood but gradually more and more is cut down causing more problems.

These problems lead the community to think that a wall would be a good idea, but for this more trees are required for the making of it. It eventually leaves the “last tree” but as a result of all the change the community isn’t how it used to be. Parents attempt to get their children to cut down the last tree standing, all the while staying in their homes, but the children leaving their homes relish being amongst other children. The wall has caused the community to become so introverted and the children are longing for friendship and fun.

Eventually its the children that make the adults see how foolish and greedy they have become. They see the errors of their way and with it they bring change. The community becomes a happier place to be and the “last tree” that was standing now becomes the first of a flourishing forest.

This is a wonderful tale and would be a fantastic read to use in  a learning setting.

Eco-rangers: Wildife Rescue by Candice Lemon – Scott.  

Eco rangers book review on

This chapter book is fantastic and if you or young readers you know have an interest in the natural world this would be a great pick. Set in the Australian bush, two young children have the responsibility of being an Eco Ranger. Their duties include caring for the wildlife and the environment.

Whilst on duty, after a devastating wildfire the children find an injured possum and rescue it. The fire was so devastating that the possums paws are still hot, badly burnt and need looking to. Ebony and Jo do a wonderful job at saving the possum  but are there more animals that need saving?

Eco rangers wildlife rescue on

On searching for more possible injured animals the children discover that there may well be people living in the area. Keen to find out what is going on Ebony and Jo turn detective but in doing so things become complicated.

This is a great chapter book and I  look forward to seeing more in the series.

There’s a Rang-Tan in my bedroom by James Sellick and Frann Preston-Gannon.

There's a rang-tan in my bedroom book review on

Do keep a look out for this book coming soon to the blog as I will be taking part in the blog tour for this read. Its a rather fitting one for Earth day as it based on an orangutan who becomes a guest of the young girls. The orangutan is rather mischievous and the young girl has had enough. That is until the orangutan explains that rainforests are getting damaged because of human activity!




I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these books that would be great picks for Earth Day.

Disclaimer: All books received from publishers. Words and opinions are entirely my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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