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I am so excited about this blog post! Not only because the books I am about to share with you are fab but also the topic of bugs is such a great one.

*There are Bugs Everywhere by and Lilly Murray illustrated by Britta Teckentrup.

Britta Teckentrup There are bugs everywhere book review on

This super non-fiction read is an exploration of bugs from around the world complete with wonderful illustrations by Britta Teckentup. The book itself is a work of art with fantastic double page spreads for young and older eyes to pour over and I’m sure may encourage an art project or two.

There are bugs everywhere non fiction book review

Readers are introduced to a range of bugs and various facts including their different habitats, how some have been in existence for millions of years and their unique features written by Lilly Murray.

Along the way readers are challenged with questions and predictions making it a rather interactive read and perhaps will encourage better retaining of facts.

This could be a lovely gift and is the second in the series, the first being all about fish.

Mrs. Peanuckle’s Bug Alphabet (Mrs. Peanuckle’s Alphabet)

This super board book should be home to many a library. The book looks at all sorts of bugs, popular and more obscure, in the order of the alphabet. Unlike some alphabet books it is far more meaty giving information about the bug as well as a fab illustration of it. This makes it a super board book for both daughters.

This book is such a fun way of exploring the alphabet. It’s also impressive to see that the more trickier letters, X and Z have interesting bugs to look at also. A great bug book that will appeal to many children of different ages and I’m sure will bring out the bug detective in them.

Kew: Lift and Look Bugs

 Lift and Look Bugs is a fun introduction to bugs for little learners with fold out flaps and lots of super illustrations to observe. The questions on many of the double pages encourages discussion and observational skills and the large page sized flaps certainly add an element of discovery.


Toddlers will enjoy this brilliant book and along the way be introduced to new vocabulary. Tracy Cottingham has done a brilliant job at creating such appealing illustrations. Sales of this book will also support work at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Tracy Cottingham also illustrated the book Lift and Look Flowers and Plants which we love too and is a book I reviewed a few posts back.

Bug Hotel

How inviting is this book! I first spotted this book in January when I was on the look out for great books of 2018 and after my eldest daughter and I discovered her Nursery’s own bug hotel, I preordered it and so glad I did.

This is a brilliant book to satisfy readers cravings of discovery but the book still has that big element of fun.

Each double page is as if you are stepping in to the bug hotel itself with great explanations of various bugs including a butterfly and spider. More complex vocabulary is introduced and the lift the flaps make the read a super enjoyable one.


The illustrations are stunning and I’m sure it is a book that will appeal to older folk too. I’m certainly pleased that it’s in our home. The book also has a great section at the back explaining how a bug hotel could be made at home. This has proved so popular in our home and would make a fantastic book in a learning setting also. As well as informing and being an absolute delight to share, the book echoes how creating a lovely place for bugs creates a safe environment for them and we can all do something to help.

Also available in this series is Bird House which I love.

Four super books all about bugs!

Has a book or two caught your eye? All of these books have recently published and are available to buy now. If you aren’t able to find them in your local library  perhaps make a request. I’m sure they well be well loved.

Dislaimer: Books titled with a * were kindly received from publishers but all opinions and words are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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