Book review: Bug Hotel and Bird House by Libby Walden and illustrated by Clover Robin.

These board books are so beautifully presented and the inside does not disappoint. Bird House and Bug Hotel are both illustated by Clover Robin and written by Libby Walden.

I first spotted these books in January when I was on the look out for great books of 2018 and after my eldest daughter and I discovered her school’s own bug hotel, I preordered Bug Hotel.

With it being non-fiction November I wanted to reshare these delights and we now have Bird House thanks to The Book People gifting it to us.

Little One is now 4 and her questions and need for more complex explanations are coming into fruition. I feel like these are brilliant books to satisfy her craving of discovery but the books still have that big element of fun.

In Bug Hotel each double page is as if you are stepping in to the bug hotel itself with great explanations of various bugs including a butterfly and spider. More complex vocabulary is introduced and the lift the flaps make the read a super enjoyable one.

Bird House introduces readers to various birds including doves, woodpeckers and swallows. It talks in detail about various shelter for birds and discusses ways in which readers can assist in making their outdoor areas more bird friendly.

The illustrations in both books are absolutely stunning and I’m sure they are books that will appeal to older folk too. I’m certainly pleased that we have these on our bookshelf. The books also have ideas on how to help those animals discussed in the book, for example a section at the back of Bug Hotel explains how a bug hotel could be made at home.

The books have proved so popular in our home and would make fantastic reads in a learning setting also. As well as informing and being an absolute delight to share, the book echoes how creating a lovely place for animals creates a safe environment for them and we can all do something to help.

These board books are a great introduction to non-fiction and nature.

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Disclaimer: I purchased the book Bug Hotel and was gifted the book Bird House from The Book People. All words and opinions are entirely my own.

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