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Book review: 5 Christmas picture books for 0 years to school years.

Christmas is fast approaching.

For my family and I it will be an opportunity to all come together and all being well, enjoy my Dad’s roast!

There are so many picture books associated with Christmas and I want to take a moment to appreciate a handful of picture books that I think you may like too.

Little Christmas Tree by Jessica Courtney Tickle.

Don’t be fooled by the title. This isn’t a book seeping in bright lights and baubles, this is a stunning book! Recommended for ages 2 upwards, it has actually proved a popular picture book with both my girls (1 and 3). The descriptive, rhythmic text make it a delight to read aloud and there is so much to observe and discuss on each page. As the little tree grows everything around it transforms too.

As well as the appealing illustrations, which I personally feel are frame worthy, the book also has many lift the flaps on each double page. Each flap reveals something to add to the scenic page including plants and animals.

This is a fantastic book shining a light on nature and the outdoors.

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Pop-Out and Play Nativity Story by Holly Sterling

This book not only informs young readers of what Christians believe to be the birth of God’s son, Jesus, it also is a book that promotes going beyond the book. The pop out feature at the back of the book transform into a stable where you can assemble everyone you have met in the story.

This would be a brilliant book to share when discussing festivals in schools and the language used in the book is concise and suited to three year olds and up.

What a great book, encouraging role play and storytelling in a unique way.

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The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Peek-Through Picture Book by Britta Teckentrup

The traditional Christmas verse is brought to life by Britta Teckentrup’s stylish illustrations making it a very appealing book for younger ones.

See the gifts received cleverly displayed through the peek through detail which gradually increases in size after each page. This not only would be a great book to engage young ones with music and singing, it also could be used to discuss counting and introduce new vocabulary. Mr True Love definitely gifted his special lady with some unique gifts which you can see in all their glory at the end of the book, glistening with gold detail.

A great book to engage young ones with a traditional Christmas verse and fill the air with happy singing.

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That’s not my Santa by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells

This is a super sensory fun board book perfect for babies and toddlers. The book as many in the, That’s not my series, uses an array of descriptive language and varied textures seeking the right Santa.

My youngest daughter has such fun in feeling the different textures and enjoys the repetitive language of That’s not my… I am sure many of you will have shared this book.

The Snow Lady by Shirley Hughes.

I am a big fan of Shirley Hughes work and I hadn’t come across this book until recently.

The story is based on Sam and her neighbour who her friends describe as “mean.” She is a tad particular and doesn’t like children sitting on her wall amongst other things but the neighbour isn’t all bad.

Sam and her friends decide to build a snowman which ends up being a snow lady.  They name it after the “mean” neighbour.

Sam has terrible dreams and as a result of her actions decides to make things better.

The book is a great read to discuss feelings, empathy and understanding people, in this case, older adults.

The story is not based solely on Christmas but it is happening within the story and I think the longer length picture book would not only be ideal for school aged children, it shares an important message.

Five very different picture books which each have something special about them.

Thank you so much to Templar Publishing, Holly Sterling, The Busy Box Company and my local library for these delights. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

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